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Monday, 28 May 2012


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Adam from what I can remember Diame just turned up at rayo just off the boat or whatever and managed to convince them to give him a trial! I think they were in 2a b at the time, the rest from there is history!

I had heard that Diame has an existing heart condition not too disimilar to Fabrice Muamba's and it's a potential disaster waiting to happen. Man Utd pulled out of a deal to sign him as a result.


I think juanma must move on, and santcruz is going to be difficult keep it, otherwise, agree

What happened with Ezequiel. Why isn't he being considered for the empty left flank? He has attributes similar to Montero. Did he bomb while loaned out to Sabadell?

Rob - That's an interesting angle, and one that hasn't been reported here (as far as I know). It doesn't seem to be putting off other clubs, though.

NYCB - Quite simply, he didn't set the world on fire at Sabadell. He was either a second-half sub or started and was subbed after about an hour. Considering he wasn't playing for one of the top clubs in Segunda, that's hardly encouraging.

I've just read on estadiodeportivo's netside that Ezequiel, juanito calahorro, and Damian Petcoff have all left the club? Or maby that they are leaving this summer? The Google Translator ain't that good!

I hope it ain't true about Ezequiel at least, cause' I've had belief's in him, and thought that he might cut it in the primera division, and not staying at Sabadell!

On the other hand, Salvador Agra has been voted the best player in his team this year, though it didn't say who voted! (press, team mates or fans)

I don't know anything about Diame but the word on Tyneside is that it would be a good opportunity to link up with Newcastle's two other Senegalese stars, Cisse and Ba, who have done fantastically well this season, so that could be a big incentive for him. Pretty much a free transfer too, so that is attractive for Newcastle and for Betis....mind you, if he is looking for Andalucian sunshine then maybe Newcastle is the wrong place....It's bloomin' dark and freezing here in Winter !!

I have seen a fair number of Latics matches on TV and from what I have seen the past 3 years he hasn't been too impressive. This year Momo played only 18 matches and scored 3 goals and did not contribute much late in the season when Wigan beat the top tiered EPL teams to avoid relegation. However the Reds wanted him but with Sir Kenny getting the axe that fell through. From what I read his market value is projected to be between 4.5-5.3M Pounds, which I believe is too high and if he couldn't hold down a starting slot for Wigan he sure won't be able to do so either for Er Glorioso. As for Ezequiel I had read somewhere that Sabadell did not want him back and Er Glorioso really doesn't want him back either. I guess there is a price to pay when you shoot off your mouth in the locker room and your off the pitch lifestyle interferes with Er Furbol!! I'd imagine that if his career continues in the downward spiral of late that he'll be playing somewhere in Segunda B next season. What a flash from playing for the Spain U-19 in the U-19 Euro to Segunda B in 23 months is nothing to write home about!! Ese Beti Oe!!

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