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Thursday, 02 September 2010


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If the picture doesn't load for you, click on the small dark box to the right of the first line and it will come up. Then hit the "back page" arrow and you should get the page up how it's meant to be. No ideal why this isn't working properly.

Thanks for that. A small example of the kind of players this club should have looked for in the past. My goodness, there are so many players from across the world who can play. As a baseball fan, I caution my friends to not discount Player X simply because one doesn't know his name yet...same principle goes here. Good stuff.

Did Dr Calero confirm Molina's injury and say he'd be out for 5 weeks? I know listening to Radio Betis during the match they said it was either ligament damage or his meniscus but nothing was certain until tomorrow around noontime.

BTW-Joe do you need oxygen cannisters or does your nose bleed up in those seats? Man I forgot how high up the upper deck (segundo anfiteatro)is at the Benito Villamarin!

No, you´re right, five/six weeks is just the timescale in all the papers a couple of hours after the match. With a ligament, it could always be much longer - which would be absolutely disastrous. It sounds like it was all Pepe Mel would talk about afterwards.

And yes, I suppose our seats are pretty high up - but it's about the only place in the city you can feel a fresquito breeze these days! I thought about changing, as much for the sake of getting a new angle to the pictures I post, but I was away for the days when you could do it, and anyway we kind of like saying hello to all the familiar faces around us now.

A great match from Betis yesterday, I saw most of the second period, and there was lots of great link up play! Benat was awesome! I just hope we for once can give one of our "youngsters" some playing time, especially after a showing like the one last night!
I hope there's a new Betico generation brewing! :)

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