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Friday, 11 February 2011


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One day I will complete my journey to the that sacred ground called Estadio Benito Villamarín & I see that I will be well rewarded ;)

Good commentary here Adam! Yes, I would agree that women are much more warmly welcomed in stadiums around Spain. I remember going to a Celta-Madrid game in Balaidos and having a woman on either side of me.

Heck, just look at Teresa Rivero at Rayo as a shining example of a prominent woman in Spanish futbol.

I am right off Teeresa Rivero after she said that Tenerife was only beaches and hotels and not good for football but there is no doubt that women are massively represented in the stands in any Spanish league game.
And what is great women of all ages. I love seeing the little old ladies with their scarves and shirts in the stadium.

It was my mom and grandma who got me into BETIS in the first place. when I was a baby they would ask me:
Betis Que? -BUENO!!!
Y Sevilla? -CACA!

Thanks, guys, for your comments - I'm glad that I'm not the only one to have noticed this phenomenon and to think it's worth mentioning. And Nikki - very best of luck on Sunday; we're counting on you!

Nice post adam. What a club, eh?

Very good post, and true in my experiences. Loved the Alf and Else line about Milwall. My first wife was a Bluebell Girl in the early 60's in London/Paris when I met her, and a fierce Hotspurs fan. Her stepfather was not a nice person...and he lived and breathed Milwall. I got a chuckle.

And a Dutch lady I knew in the early 70's in Edam introduced me to Ajax. Both women were far more rigorous in their attention to their chosen teams than most men I have known.

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