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Monday, 12 September 2011


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Nice pics and article in European football Weekends.
I really enjoy your blog. vamos Betis!

I vote Ezequiel! It's excellent to have him off the bench, I like him as a sub much better than as a starter. I wonder if they're trying to pump up Vadillo's value ahead of the winter window to make some cash?

(Also, I think you meant "aloud" instead of "allowed")

Good spot, Bill, thanks for that.

I'm pretty sure they have no intention of selling Vadillo for a while - I just think Pepe Mel is hoping that some of the Cristiano Ronaldo-style "strut" he shows when playing for Betis B will frighten opposition full backs. I think it's a bit tough on Ezequiel, though, not to be allowed to carry on where he left off last season.

Ezequiel deserves better, just saying.

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